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Friday, November 21, 2003
worth a try i suppose.

alrighty...this is my first time using screentones and stuff so yeah [and yes, i know its small]

there's so many versions of the picture; original sketch, clean sketch, clean colored sketch, revised sketch, inked [with revisions], two versions of colored inked, and the newest addition is the screentoned one.

and danx2, tell me if i'm taking too much space on peachieness 'cause i get the feeling that i might be using um...alot

posted by KNC 10:43 PM
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
*waves at KNC* Heeellloooooooo~
Looks like this blog is deader than dead. Sort of like the fashion of armywear. SO LAST SEASON!
Hey Dandan, we should make this livelier...maybe have stuff put on it, you know like, our drawings, poems, etc.

posted by Kit 12:30 AM